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EDW Indoor 2024 Percussion 

Welcome to EDW Indoor 2024, our special place for drum and percussion enthusiasts. Join us and explore the world of indoor percussion with our experienced instructors and passionate members. Click here to learn more and be part of the show!

E D White Indoor show video

About EDW Indoor 2024

In 'Our Special Place', E D White Indoor Percussion tells the moving story of Dan and Abi's love and their deep connection to the Giraffes at Global Wildlife, who played a special role in their journey together. Our performance is a tribute to their special place, and we invite you to join us for this moving and memorable experience. Thank you for your support of E D White Percussion.


Upcoming Performances

Keep up with our competition schedule to see where EDW Indoor 2024 will be performing next! We'll be competing in the Louisiana Percussion and Guard circuit, as well as attending WGI regionals in Texas. Don't miss your chance to see us perform live!



EDW Indoor 2024 is a percussion group that brings the excitement and energy of live music to every performance. Our goal is to create a community where individuals can grow together, collaborate and achieve success. Our team welcomes current band members and students of ED White Catholic High School who have a passion for percussion and want to be part of the perfromacne. 

All the Latest Updates

Stay up to date with our groups latest news, events, and performances. Click here to read our blog.

Meet Our Team

Our team is composed of experienced instructors and passionate members who share a love for indoor percussion. Click here to meet our team and learn more about their backgrounds and contributions.

Herd of Giraffes
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