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Performance/Warm-Up Info

At E D White Percussion, we are committed to providing our performers with all the necessary information to ensure a successful performance. For our upcoming show,  bring a jacket and sweet pants to wear over your uniform, as well as an additional pair of shoes to wear before you perform. We want you to feel comfortable and confident on for your performance today.

We kindly request that you leave your cell phone in your bag on the trailer during the warm-up and performance. We want you to focus on your performance, and we don't want any distractions. Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to hearing your amazing performance!

11:00 AM

Meet at the trailer



Get dressed full uniform no show shoes. Bring a jacket and sweet pants.  It will be cold.

Image by Robert Vergeson


Subs, SN, QUADS, BASSES, CYMBALS Big Brother Instructors.

Front set-up and plug in by trailer.

Image by ASBA Drums



Image by ASBA Drums


Get show shoes on

You can leave jacket  and sweet pants on.  You can take them off and put them in the white trailer by the entrance. 

Get sound ready. More section reps . 

Move to arena. 

Floor Set-Up

right side set-up instructions.jpg
Image by Marcel Eberle

Good Information

This is How you will march these 2 sets

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